Registered vehicles

Authorized vehicles at the start must be either exclusive sports, rally or GT vehicles produced from 1989 until today. Limousines are not eligible. The selection committee reserves the right to refuse vehicles at the start.

The participants have to pay attention to the general condition of their car, especially tires, lights, battery and belt attachment (if required by law). Furthermore, the organization recommends carrying a fire extinguisher and a triangle warning kit on board.

Replacing a participant’s car without prior approval by the organization is not permitted.

The maximum allowable noise level while driving on the Nordschleife is 132 decibel (A).

Road test

The program includes two stages with a total rally stage of about 400 km. Participants must follow the route of the road book. Requirements for speed or average speed are NOT mentioned. Participants have to show their competition sheets at various checkpoints, whose location are kept secret. We would like to point out that the rally will take place on open public roads and that the participants are therefore required to strictly comply with German road traffic regulations. Safety information is included in the road book, which the participants will receive.

Time trial

Within the event a time trial is included. After a few laps the course director will show a green flag indicating the beginning of the connection stage and the time trial stage. The participants then complete at least 6 laps for which their time is measured. The first lap serves as a reference time. The next 5 laps will be timed. The lower the total deviation of lap times, the higher the score.

A helmet is required during the time trial. One or two people per car are allowed. The minimum age for the passenger is 16. Public access to the race track is not allowed.


The overall classification is drawn up by taking into account the penalties for missing checkpoints, and the connection stage to the time trial stage. For the classification the speed nor the average speed, nor the timing is critical.

As the rally is held as a social gathering, no complaints will be considered.

Rally Germania 2012 is an event that aims to bring owners of collector vehicles together without compromising the competitive aspect.

Towing Service

In case there is a damage to your car which cannot be resolved by mechanics onsite, we offer a towing service which is included in the entry fee. The service will transport the stranded vehicle to a safe place, which is determined by the owner (garage, car park, etc.) within a maximum radius of 100 km from the location the vehicle got stranded.

Baggage Truck

Participants have the opportunity to entrust their luggage to the organization transporting the luggage to the different stops and hotels.

Guarding of the vehicles

On Sunday evening, the parking lots or garages are guarded by professional surveillance teams. Access is neither prohibited nor closed.


The participants will stay at an exclusive four-star hotel. Accommodation in single rooms is possible, though only a limited option.

Registration fee

The participation fee of € 1,200 includes a two-person team, one vehicle and the following subjects:

The logistic support, the time trial, one night with breakfast for two people in a double room, three meals with drinks; from lunch snacks on Sunday to a lunch buffet on Monday, the rally material (car door numbers, road book, etc), security, luggage transport, mechanical support, gifts, etc.

Registration fee per team: € 1,200

Surcharge for two single rooms: € 200

One additional person: € 500

Two additional people (Sleeping in the same room): € 700

There is no registration confirmed without payment. For cancellations that are after the 31th of August 2012, no payments will be refunded. For cancellations prior to August 31st , we reserve the right to charge a fee of € 200.

Closing date

The closing date is the 31st of July 2015 and subsequently availability is subject to a waiting list – only a limited number of participants is allowed!

You should return your complete registration form as soon as possible, because the confirmation follows in order of when the registration forms have been received.

Media reporting

By submitting an entry, participants give their consent that the organizers can distribute all the content associated with the event through to the media, without incurring any liability to the organizer or the media publishing the content.


The owners of registered vehicles have to take care of themselves and the civil liability insurance towards third parties.

For the vehicles participating in normal road traffic, the holder must have a certificate of approval, Part I, a valid insurance certificate and TÜV.

Participants release the organizers from any liability arising from the use of their vehicles in terms of personal and property damage to third parties or themselves, irrespective of the reasons for such damages